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    Programmatic buying of High Impact Display and Video Ads

Programmatic buying

JustPremium Ads are RTB available through many DSPs, such as AppNexus, Mediamath, Bid Manager and Turn.


Trading Desks have direct access to premium display formats which can be bought with the same ease as purchasing standard IAB display sizes.

High Impact Ads

Our High Impact Rich Media ad formats offer advertisers more creative possibilities, such as video and rich media.


They are 100% visible and with CTRs ranging from 1 to 5%, they are much more effective than standard display formats.

Global network of publishers

Over 2.500 selected publishers and networks for example in Germany, Belgium, UK, USA, Latam & Spain, Portugal, Turkey, MENA, and The Netherlands.


JustPremium reaches millions of consumers through Wegener, RTL Group, AdCloud, PubMatic, Improve Digital, AdTiger and Yield Partners and many more.

What others say about us

Captify - Search Retargeting

  • “We have predominantly worked with Justpremium in the UK, Germany and across Europe. Aside from providing a range of slick rich media ad formats that deliver great results, Justpremium always go the extra mile to make sure every campaign runs smoothly. With lots of creative possibilities and a massive list of premium publishers globally we are always very happy with their products and performance. Great products and network and lovely people!"

    Dominic Joseph
    Dominic JosephCEO Captify

traffic4U - Trading Desk

  • "As an online marketing agency that specializes in results-driven marketing, we are very pleased with the innovative services of JustPremium. We like to use premium banner sizes because of the good visibility and extensive creative possibilities. It gives me a great sense of freedom to be able to buy these formats by way of automated trading. Without the telephone negotiations and burdensome contracts, your campaign can be live in 5 minutes. Moreover, we can accurately target specific consumer segments and benchmark against non premium results. And the results look very good. "

    Sander Kwint
    Sander KwintProduct Manager Display Traffic4u

AMNET - Trading Desk

  • It has been a pleasure doing business with Justpremium over the last two years. The Justpremium team embodies the work hard, play hard ethos and provides a great tech solution with strong buy side integration. Their programmatic brand solution is pain free and works well across the board with excellent performance results.

     Dave Foster
    Dave FosterHead of Media Partnerships, AMNET, The Aegis Trading Desk
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