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Why Would You Limit Your Client’s Powerful Message to an Almost-Invisible Banner?


It is time to rethink the vast investment we are making in traditional banner ads. Here are three inarguable reasons why.


In the first half of 2017, U.S. and U.K. advertisers and their agencies combined spent more than $13.3 billion on banner ads. Let that sink in a moment. More than $13 billion spent on those little online ads in only six months.

Agencies work tirelessly on behalf of their clients to achieve campaign objectives, and a lot of those efforts are poured into the strategic placement of banner ads. But pause for a second and ask yourself this question: How many of the myriad banner ads you’ve placed in the past 6 months can you visually recall without much effort? It’s hard, isn’t it?  That’s because standard banners ads aren’t memorable. And yet, advertisers and their agencies are pouring obscene amounts of money into them.

Given the amount of effort and spend going into display advertising these days, wouldn’t it be so much more rewarding if you could remember more of the creative you’re disseminating as you strive to drive results for your clients? It’s time to rethink the vast investment we’re making in what seem to be nearly invisible pieces of online real estate. There is a better way. Here are three reasons to begin shifting your clients’ budgets away from standard banner ads.

Your ads should be seen – and appreciated. People don’t notice standard banner ads. Even if they see them – which is often in question, given the industry’s viewability challenge, which some estimate hovers around 50 percent – they don’t really notice them.

Your creative should be… creative. These traditional ad formats force advertisers into an incredibly small sandbox in which all the brilliant messaging and powerful creative concepts in the world simply cannot shine. Why have a “big idea” at all if you’re going to cram it into a tiny, imperceptible container? Marketers are creative people. Let’s let that creativity shine.

There are alternatives. There are alternatives to traditional banner ads out there – ones that can achieve both impact and scale. Rich-media skins, wallpapers, header ads, and other formats enjoy greater viewability, generate higher CTRs, and – importantly – provide marketers with a larger, richer palette on which to paint.

Odds are, you got into this industry because you are a digital enthusiast. Like our team over here at JustPremium, you want to tap into the most powerful, innovative possibilities and formats when it comes to engaging your clients’ audiences. It’s time to broaden your horizons and re-embrace the creativity inherent in our industry by exploring the rapidly expanding options within the display ecosystem.

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