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Opportunities to drive more digital revenue through new ad space


Kate Lyons, Senior Publisher Manager at JustPremium, discusses the challenges and the opportunities for publishers in the continuously changing industry of digital advertising. 

Digital advertising has changed dramatically over the past decade. Back in the day, before programmatic and mobile changed everything, the path to more revenue for publishers was to simply stick another banner ad on the page. Of course, there were some undesirable effects: Ad clutter trained users to tune out ads altogether (i.e., the rise of the infamous “banner blindness”). Meanwhile, ad clutter also led to slow page loads, further harming the user experience and reducing ad effectiveness. Over time, publishers — who once relied on direct deals and high CPMs – began to struggle to renew contracts with their advertisers because banners just weren’t working as well as they once did.

Fast forward to 2018, and programmatic and mobile have completely altered the digital publishing landscape. The efficiency and widespread adoption of programmatic means that filling inventory is not a problem these days. But unfortunately, those high CPMs have taken a drastic hit, even among premium publishers. Meanwhile, audiences have moved off their desktops and onto their handheld devices. Mobile, which now accounts for about 70 percent of people’s digital media time, requires quality publishers to sacrifice traditional banner ad inventory in order to provide an uncluttered user experience.

As a result of the above sea changes in programmatic and mobile, many publishers today are struggling to sufficiently monetize their content. But as with every industry pendulum swing, solutions are beginning to catch up with the challenges. Publishers have myriad opportunities to increase their digital ad revenues in the coming year, and perhaps the simplest one is this: Create more ad space. This solution might sound eerily similar to that employed by publishers in the desktop era, but done right, we’re talking about something quite different. Increasing revenue via additional ad space isn’t about putting more banner ads on the page. It’s about building new ad experiences into your site – ones that don’t clutter or harm the user experience, but rather deliver value to the user and perform better for the advertiser.

New and more-compelling ad opportunities for publishers continue to emerge. If you’re a premium publisher, you should be generating incremental revenue with these ad products in particular:

inRead video ads by Teads. Teads’ inRead video ads increase a publisher’s ad space by transforming editorial pages on any device into premium video inventor.

Native content ads by Taboola. Taboola’s sponsored content marketplace, Taboola Feed, enables publishers to increase their ad opportunities with quality, native placements of advertiser messaging.

Rich Media ads by JustPremium. Here at JustPremium, we help publishers create additional ad spaces, via innovative formats such as skins and scrollers, and monetize unused out-of-page screen space for incremental revenue. We believe in creating better ad experiences, and that’s precisely what these rich media units provide to users and publishers alike.

The above units are just a few that we think publishers should be considering as they look to increase their digital ad revenue via new ad experiences. What would you add to the list?

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