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We bring
Ad Formats

generating great ctr's

6 reasons to buy JustPremium

CTR's from 1 to 6%

Generate great CTR’s with High Impact Ads.

High viewability

Always above the fold with guaranteed visibility.

RTB through any DSP

Programmatic buying through various DSP’s; Mediamath, Turn, Bidmanager and more.

Extensive targeting

Channels, Audience and Retargeting, Price optimization, Frequency capping, and use your data!

Reach Audience At Scale

Create additional Ad Spaces and Monetize unused out-of-page screen space for incremental revenue.

Many creative possibilities

Big adsizes mean great creative options, such as streaming video, animations and social interaction.

Key figures

  • 32 DSP's connected

    Appnexus, Mediamath, Turn, Bidmanager and more.

  • 220+ Active buyers

    Primarily trading desks and agencies.

  • Running 500+ campaigns.

    Across 13 channels.

  • 25 Countries

    Europe (including UK and Nordics), North America, Russia, LATAM, MENA and Asia.

Selection of demand partners we work with

Justpremium is RTB available via many DSP’s

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