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JustPremium is five, but our journey has just begun


On September 26th 2012, five of us opened up our laptops in Amsterdam and started a brand new company. That company had a very simple but a very ambitious mission: shake up the online advertising industry by building the world’s leading marketplace for Rich Media.

We wanted to show how online advertising could go beyond the usual templates in opening up more creative possibilities. We wanted to design ad units that would be seen and engaged with, not ignored. We wanted brands to be able to engage with their audiences in new and interesting ways. We wanted publishers to be able to offer more valuable and engaging ad products.

The company we started that day was JustPremium. And five years on, we’ve succeeded in our initial goals while continuing to break new ground.

From our Amsterdam beginnings we’re now a global company with offices in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates – and of course the Netherlands.

And while we steadily built up our business over our first four years, the past year has really seen us hit the accelerator pedal and speed up in terms of growth and development. Here are just a few JustPremium highlights from the past twelve months.

  • Deloitte has ranked us 18 out of their “Deloitte Fast50” awards, which recognises 50 fast growing technology companies.
  • We’ve significantly expanded our North American operation, which has included opening up a new headquarters in New York.
  • We’ve signed new partnership deals with publisher networks, with the result that we now reach 3000+ premium publishers worldwide.
  • We’ve taken a leadership role in the industry, by joining the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group that seeks to develop best practice standards for online advertising.
  • So what’s next? We’ve set ourselves the challenge of helping the industry as a whole create better ads. Online ads that are more creative, more effective, more engaging and better targeted.

    We’re doing that through our ‘We Love Better Ads’ campaign by facilitating conversations between advertisers, publishers and ad tech companies on how we can all seize the opportunities in front of us.

    Five years on, our entrepreneurial spirit and our ambition are stronger than ever before. We have established a unique company with a team of dedicated people from different backgrounds and languages working around the world every day to realize a dream which hopefully you share now as well.

    We believe JustPremium is well positioned in a space where buyers demand transparency, clean marketplaces, and better ads. We will continue to innovate our products to drive the industry forward and make an impact for users, advertisers and publishers.

    Thank you to our team, our clients and our partners for making all this possible. I’m looking forward to all of you joining us on the next 5 years of this amazing journey.


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