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JustPremium makes three senior hires to support rapid US expansion


New team members bring 60+ years of creative, advertising and technology experience as JustPremium sees record growth in 2017.

JustPremium (justpremium.com), the global marketplace for rich media and high impact advertising, today announced three new senior hires. The appointments come as JustPremium experiences its most successful year in terms of growth and client acquisition.

Former art director of global tech/creative platform Shutterstock, Eric Sams joins as creative director, alongside ad industry veteran, Tony Franklin, from Viamedia who takes up the post of North America vice president of Sales. Finally, Paul Dolan who has built and led several successful ad technology businesses, is the latest addition to the JustPremium board.

Eric Sams – Creative Director

Eric Sams has more than 18 years of creative experience working for global brands and as art director of Shutterstock, where he led the design and copy development for all marketing communications. Prior to Shutterstock Eric worked on marketing initiatives for Esprit, Estée Lauder, Vibe and Essence.

Eric’s role will be two-fold: JustPremium offers clients an in-house creative service, and Eric Sams will be overseeing this process, ensuring the work served onto the JustPremium network get the maximum engagement and viewability. Eric is also briefed to oversee the development of the JustPremium brand.

Commenting on his new role, Eric Sams, said: “2017 will be a landmark year for JustPremium. In addition to growing the in-house creative studio and providing stellar work to our global client base, I’m looking forward to enhancing our own branded communications and visual identity.”

Tony Franklin – North America vice president of Sales

Tony Franklin joins as the company expands its North American operations, which includes a move to a new, New York City regional headquarters. With 20 years’ experience leading sales teams and driving innovation across ad-based businesses, such as Undertone and Viamedia, Tony will take JustPremium’s North America business to the next level.

According to Tony Franklin: “advertisers increasingly want a solution that gives them better results and scope for more creativity. Rich media and high impact advertising does exactly that. Using the insight and knowledge I’ve gained in the industry, I’m excited to start talking to both advertisers and publishers about the potential and benefits.”

Paul Dolan – Board of Advisory

Paul Dolan’s track record includes launching and leading the world’s first programmatic performance company, Light Reaction, and growing it to a $150 million business in 25 global markets. Previously, he was a founding executive at WPP’s Xaxis where he helped build the world’s largest programmatic media and technology company. This means Dolan has a unique insight into how a business like JustPremium can scale up quickly to meet demand.

“Being a high growth business like JustPremium is a huge opportunity”, said Paul Dolan. “However it is also a challenge in that growth has to be managed in the right way. I’ve started and built businesses so I know that there is a right and a wrong way to go about it, so I’m looking forward to helping JustPremium at this critical point in the company’s development.”

The JustPremium marketplace now covers 2,500 selected publishers in the US, Europe, LATAM and the MENA region. Over 800 have been added in the past year alone. JustPremium has also seen an 75% increase in advertisers using its marketplace.

According to chief executive and founder Eric Visser: “we’ve had a fantastic year so far and these three appointments are important in different ways.

“We’re keen to showcase how advertisers can be more creative at the same time as being more effective, which is where Eric Sams’ creative vision and flair comes in. At the same time, we see a huge growth opportunity in North America and Tony Franklin has the industry knowledge and know-how for us to capitalize on that.

“Finally, Paul Dolan has direct experience of successfully building a business like ours, and his wisdom and guidance will be invaluable during the coming months.”


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About JustPremium

JustPremium is the number one global marketplace for Rich Media and High Impact advertising. JustPremium offers innovative Rich Media Display and Video advertising solutions that sit within or surround premium content and run across all devices. JustPremium’s Ad formats deliver a premium branding experience. In addition to providing more creative scope, JustPremium’s solutions drastically increase viewability and engagement compared to standard online advertising formats.

Brands, agencies and trading desks can access top-tier, premium inventory, available on the web and mobile, in the JustPremium Marketplace. Over 2.500 selected clean and brand-safe publishers in US, Europe, Latam, and MENA are enabling inventory and audiences at scale.

JustPremium was founded in 2012 and has a team of over 90 employees, across 11 offices covering 25 countries

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