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WeLoveBetterAds Q&A with OpenX


We’re continuing our WeLoveBetterAds Q&A series with John Murphy, VP Marketplace Quality of OpenX

How would OpenX describe Better Ads?

We have a focus on the IAB LEAN standards (adjusted appropriately for rich-media ads). Ads should be Lean (small file size, low latency), Encrypted (to match the publisher’s use of SSL), have AdChoices, and be Non-Intrusive.

What you are doing to push the industry for better ads?

Our product efforts focus on setting exchange-level standards for file weight and number of connections, while empowering publishers to set their own rules.

We’re also working on giving creative performance metrics to our publishers.

What is your vision for ads towards to future?

LEAN and highly targeted. Ads should be more highly targeted to the user and complement the overall user experience, but not interfere with it.

Why do you think creativity in online is behind creativity in offline advertising?

A big part is the constraints of the medium. It’s hard to be creative when your “canvas” is a 320×50 mobile ad unit. There’s also a greater focus on performance in online advertising because it’s so much more measurable than offline.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give someone developing an online advertising campaign?

Be a good citizen for the rest of the industry and comply with IAB’s LEAN standards. If everyone did this, we’d have a far healthier industry and a much more compelling case against ad blockers.

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