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Maximize profits with Header Bidding

With an effortless setup, header bidding unlocks a better stream of our premium ad units. Publishers can now promptly maximize fill-rates, impressions and transparency.

6 reasons to connect to JustPremium

Incremental Revenues

Generate high CPM’s without cannibalising your current Ad inventory.

High Quality and Brand Safe

JustPremium works with respected global and local brands.

Full Control

Publishers have full control over floor prices, buyers, reach and frequency.

Easy setup

All Adformats are served from one Adtag which can be implemented in every adserver, SSP or directly on the page.

Additional Ad Space

Create additional Ad Spaces and Monetize unused out-of-page screen space for incremental revenue.

Realtime statistics

Publishers use our Ad Console to monitor impressions and revenues.

Key figures

  • 3000+ Publishers

    Categorized in 12 different channels.

  • 300 Million Unique Users

    Across 25 countries.

  • 6.0 Billion Impressions

    Based on a 1/24 frequency cap.

  • 25 Countries

    Europe (including UK and Nordics), North America, Russia, LATAM, MENA and Asia.

Selection of publishers, networks and SSPs we work with

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