The Header Video: transforming outstream video to high impact video advertising

The Header Video: transforming outstream video to high impact video advertising


The Header Video: transforming outstream video to high impact video advertising

JustPremium, the world’s first programmatic Rich Media Ad Exchange, is launching their high impact video advertising format at DMEXCO. The sophisticated Header Video puts users in full control of their viewing experience. On user initiation the video either doubles in size or relocates to the available white space of the web page. Therefore truly adapting to the customers journey, while advertisers only need a simple and commonly used video format to plug into a wide range of premium publisher in 25 countries.

As a result of the smart use of technology the Header Video ensures brand advertisers best-of-class viewability to boost their brand awareness. First learnings with over 1 million sold impressions globally are showing an average viewability rate of 86% after 2 seconds.

Commenting on the launch, Eric Visser, CEO, of JustPremium, said: “We have created a new category of ad formats: high impact outstream video advertising. The Header Video is a cutting-edge technological development and the most innovative video ad available programmatically. This format is a great opportunity for advertisers to deliver an amazing brand experience to their potential customers. Furthermore this video ad format enables publishers who don’t yet have original video content on their site to capitalize on the fastest-growing category of ad spend, online video advertising.”

Leveraging JustPremium’s Rich Media Ad Exchange, over 500 websites of premium publishers are already connected to support the launch of the Header Video. Therefore, as of today, advertisers are able to programmatically buy this high impact video ad format at scale while targeting their relevant audiences.

About JustPremium

JustPremium, founded in 2012, is the world’s first programmatic Rich Media Ad Exchange. Publishers work with JustPremium to create new advertising inventory and monetize it through its monetization platform. JustPremium’s Rich Media and Video advertising solutions encompass a series of high impact ad units surrounding media content.
JustPremium offers a comprehensive Managed Service from creating to delivering brand experiences. Brands and agencies can access premium inventory, available on the web and on mobile, through programmatic buy.
JustPremium has a team of over 70 employees, across 9 offices covering 25 countries.

For further information and questions, please contact:
Ruben Havertz
+31 6 53542769

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