High Impact Rich Media Products

Key features

High Viewability

Always above the fold with guaranteed visibility.

Room for creativity

Big adsizes mean great creative options, such as streaming video, animations and social interaction.

High CTR's

Targeting the right user with High Impact ads generates high CTR’s.

74% average VTR

Video Wallpaper

The Video Wallpaper surrounds the page’s content in a high-impact and aesthetic way. The content of the website is pushed down upon user initiation. Video control buttons are provided at the top of the page.


Wallpapers surround the page’s content in a high-impact and beautiful way. A header plus the side rails truly frame the page with your brand and message.

3% average CTR

78% average VTR

Video Lightbox

A 720×480 video layer ad that floats on top of a publishers page. Once the video has finished playing, it closes automatically and can be manually closed after two seconds.

Lightbox Ad

A 720×480 layer ad that floats on top of a publisher’s page. By overlaying the content, it attracts the user’s entire attention to itself. After 20 seconds, the lightbox closes automatically.

2.5% average CTR

2.7% average CTR

Fish Tank Ad

A 970×500 layer ad that floats on top of a publisher’s page. Offering even more room for your creativity
After 20 seconds, the Fish Tank Ad closes automatically.

Billboard Pushup

An auto expanding ad unit (970×250) that is pinned to the users browser window. The user can click to close it at any time.

1.2% average CTR

70% average VTR

Video Floor Ad

The Video Floor Ad sits at the bottom centre of the page. It loads as a 440×330 format and expands to 660×495 upon mouse over. The Video Floor Ad will close automatically after the video finishes playing.

Programmatic Roadblock

JustPremium’s breakthrough technology allows you to programmatically buy all ad positions on a given page at the same time. It’s an incredible way to gain up to 100% Share of Voice within a targeted environment. And with great creative possibilities you can truly impress your audience!

Why share the attention when you can own it

1.6% average CTR

Floor Ad

Sits on the bottom of the page, filling 100% of the browser width with interactive Rich Media content. Whether a user scrolls the page or resizes the browser window: the Floor Ad serves as a constant access point for users to engage with brands.
On user interaction, the Floor Ad can expand from a slim footer to a large canvas for brands to unveil a full Rich Media experience – from videos to games to embedded websites.

Side Ad

The SideAd is an attention-grabbing format with a highly visible size of 300×600 pixels, similar to that of the Extra Wide Skyscraper.

The Side Ad floats in the whitespace of the bowser.

0.8% average CTR

0.8% average CTR

Page Peel Ad

The Page Peel Ad will grab and hold the users attention while presenting an appealing way to interact with the advert. Upon hovering it with the mouse pointer, the full banner (300×250) is revealed. The ad appears as many times as the user rolls over it.


Directly integrated into the website, the Banderole stretches across the page like a printed paper banner.

It is wrapped across the entire width of the editorial page contents in the user’s immediate field of vision. It moves with the scrolling, which guarantees the greatest attention.

The Banderole contains either a 770×250 or 970×250 ad.

After 10 seconds, the Banderole shrinks to a format of 160 x 250 pixels to ensure a lasting advertising impact. If clicked, it expands to full size again.

1.8% average CTR

0.3% average CTR

Push up Leaderboard

The Push Up Leaderboard (728×90) is served on the bottom of the user’s browser window. The ad grabs the attention with (a subtle) push up movement, increasing the viewability and working on engagement. The user can click to close it at any time.

Mobile Video

The Mobile Video Ad will be served as a Half Page Interstitial in portrait mode or as a Full Page Interstitial in landscape mode on mobile web. The 4:3 and 16:9 videographic aspect ratios are applied. The Mobile Video Ad can be manually closed after two seconds.

68% average VTR

1.5% average CTR

Mobile Ads

The Mobile ads will be served as a Half Page Interstitial (300×250) in portrait mode or as a Full Page Interstitial (300×600) in landscape mode on mobile web.

The third mobile ad is called the Mobile Sticky ad and can be served as a 320×50 or as a 320×100. The Mobile Stick ad is centered on the bottom of the mobile site.

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