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Quality Control Process and Regulation

Brand safe inventory is of great importance to JustPremium. Our process regarding publisher selection, and our ongoing inventory quality control have been designed to safeguard the interest of our buyers and uphold the reliability of the online industry and its eco-system.

As a responsible company, JustPremium is doing everything reasonably possible to protect the interests of our demand and supply partners. Regarding brand safety, we are committed to meeting and where possible, exceeding industry standards, while also ensuring a high percentage of organic, human traffic within our inventory pool.

JustPremium’s Quality Control team is continually monitoring our internal quality control tools, reaching out to third-party verification providers, exchanging information with our buyers, ad tech partners and publishers, to face the daily and constantly evolving threats of criminal behaviour harming the eco-system.

  1.  Publisher On-Boarding

Every JustPremium publisher is extensively reviewed by our internal Quality Control Team. Prospective publishers are evaluated against the following criteria:

• Reputation: We conduct a background check to de termine if any previous clients or users have had
a negative experience with the publisher. We want to ensure the publisher isn’t associated with fraud ulent activities such as malware, adware, ad injection, etc.
• Quality Assessment: A manual review of the publisher webpage(s) is carried out to check the quality of the page content. We check if the web- site is updated on a regular basis with relevant content. Does this publisher have any inappropriate content, such as adult or illegal content?
• Social Presence: We determine whether the publisher has an engaged audience by reviewing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
• Sourcing Traffic: JustPremium requires all publishers to review our Guidelines against ad fraud.
• Traffic Quality: Evaluation of the publisher’s traffic acquisition methodology using tools such as Alexa and SimilarWeb.

Once publishers are connected, they are regularly monitored by our Quality Control Team and by various third-party verification vendors in the following areas:

  • Quality Assessment: Review of the publisher webpage(s) to check content: what is the quality of the page content? Is the website updated on a regular basis with relevant content? Does the publisher have any inappropriate content, such as adult or illegal content?
  • Quality of Inventory: Review of publisher’s inventory based on various criteria:
    ◊  Ad injection, either through toolbars, browser extensions, adware, malware or any mechanism that generates revenues for an entity other than the publisher

    ◊  Hidden ad and stack ads

    ◊  Inventory related to hate, nudity, graphic content, violence or illegal content, which includes sites that infringe on copyrights, file sharing sites, torrenting, pirating, peer2peer and warez.

    ◊  Percentage of Non-human/bot traffic

    ◊  Masking/misrepresented URLs

  1. Third-Party Partnerships

JustPremium collaborates with a number of Ad Tech Partners and buyers to safeguard the eco-system from non-human traffic and increase the availability of brand safe inventory. We receive weekly insights into extensive data and publisher blacklists through our trusted partners.

  1. Take Down Policy

As part of the Quality Control procedures, JustPremium has a very strict Take Down Policy.

• If a buyer feels that specific inventory is in violation of their expectations, they must notify JustPremium immediately. Within 12 hours, JustPremium will make commercially reasonable efforts to correct or take down the violation. The contractual consequences of not taking down an ad in accordance with our Take Down Policy are evaluated and agreed upon with the buyer on a case-by-case basis.

• If a publisher serves JustPremium ads on a domain that has not been previously agreed upon, sends non-brand safe traffic or +30% non- human traffic, cooperation will be suspended and a further investigation by our Quality Control Team will be conducted. As a result of this investigation, the partnership between the publisher and JustPremium may be terminated immediately.

Further information about Quality Control and Brand Safety can be requested by sending an email to:


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