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JustPremium is Dutch Based company that provides incremental Ad Revenue for publishers. Our High Impact Rich Media formats use layering technology, which makes sure that they will not intervene with other ads already running on your website. You will earn a higher CPMs and receive free programmatic technology on your website, making sure the highest yielding formats are shown each time. We only work with respected brands, which guarantees that all ads are high quality and brand safe. Sign up today!

JustPremium manages all sales and the technology. All a publisher needs to do is implement one tag which allows us to run display, dynamic and out stream video advertisements on your website. Publishers are fully in control, controlling floor prices, frequency capping and specific advertisers can even be added to a block list. In addition, a personal Publishers manager will also help you to you optimize towards high revenues. Which you can monitor by using our dashboard. Sign up today!

JustPremium Ad Exchange gives you direct access to one of the world’s largest marketplaces for High Impact Display and Video Ads. Multiple relevant advertisers participate in real-time auctions to deliver only the highest paying ads on your pages. By connecting to JustPremium you will be tapping into an already existing demand. All revenue will be incremental making sure that, with our higher CPM prices, your revenues will see a tremendous increase. Sign up today!

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