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WeLoveBetterAds Q&A with WeTransfer


Rob Alderson of WeTransfer has identified a set of questions advertisers should ask themselves when developing an online campaign.

What you are doing to push the industry to better ads?

Since 2009, we’ve been trying to raise the bar for online ads. We never believed in banners, and our big, beautiful full-screen backgrounds are able to make connections with our 40million MAUs in much more meaningful ways. As the technical capabilities of the site has improved, we have been able to offer really bespoke solutions, with video, animation and interactive campaigns.  

What is your vision for ads towards the future?

People are really down on online ads right now, and we think that’s because so many of them are intrusive, annoying or just not very good. We are certain though that there is a place for beautifully-designed, relevant and creative campaigns and we want to work with brands to define and develop that sort of relationship with users.

Why do you think creativity in online is behind creativity in offline advertising?

Because of the perceived value of a printed advert as opposed to an online banner. But again that is because banners are really flawed. The brands who bring the same values to online advertising can build those same “offline” style relationships on a much larger scale.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone developing an online advertising campaign?

Think about yourself as someone who uses the internet. Would this campaign appeal to you? Would it mean something? Would it resonate? We all use the internet every day, but so many campaigns seem to have been designed without thinking of users as anything more three dimensional than numbers.

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