JustPremium, the world’s first programmatic Rich Media Marketplace has launched a range of new advertising units at DMexco, which both increase viewability for advertisers, while giving them scope for greater creativity.

At the same time, JustPremium announced that it now connects advertisers with over 3,000 Premium Publihshers across 25 countries.

Previously only available via desktops through direct buys with publishers, the JustPremium Scroller has now been launched for all browsing environments, whether desktop or mobile, as well as across JustPremium’s global publisher network.

By combining the advantages of programmatic and the user-friendliness of this product, Justpremium is meeting the goals of premium brand advertising, and allows brands to engage audiences at scale via its marketplace.

The rich media or creative video ad unit slides seamlessly into the content as the user scrolls and fully engaging the user with branded messaging. As with other JustPremium ad units, the Scroller gives advertisers more possibilities to develop creative and engaging campaigns.

Crucially, JustPremium’s Scroller product is proven to increase viewability to 80% on Desktop and Mobile devices, a figure that is far higher than industry standards and one that JustPremium is constantly working to increase.

3000+ Premium Publishers now work with JustPremium

At the same time as launching the new Scroller, JustPremium announced that its marketplace now connects 3000 premium publishers with advertisers worldwide. These publishers are based in 25 countries and cover multiple vertical industry sectors.

These vertical sectors allow advertisers to run targeted campaigns relevant to different consumer audiences. The fact that they are premium publishers, means that they offer a brand safe environment, as well as adhering to high editorial standards.

According to JustPremium CEO, Eric Visser, “when we started JustPremium in 2012, our goal was nothing less than to become a game-changer in the advertising industry. Since then, we have seen huge growth, have consistently launched new ad units and products and have built up a trusted market-place for brand advertisers and premium publishers.

“The launch of our new Scroller at DMexco is another sign of our commitment to developing a better and more effective online advertising ecosystem, one that works for and connects both advertisers and publishers around the world.”

JustPremium launches We Love Better Ads campaign

JustPremium’s commitment to more effective, more creative and more targeted online advertising is being brought to life through a new campaign called ‘We Love Better Ads.’

Starting at DMexco and over the next twelve months, JustPremium will initiate a new campaign called We Love Better Ads.The aim of the campaign will be to facilitate a discussion among advertisers, publishers and adtech companies on how the industry can best take advantage on the enormous opportunities it now has.

This will come to life through a range of activity, including events, a dedicated micro-site, and white papers.