To boost its presence in APAC and bring innovative ad products to more publishers and advertisers in the region, JustPremium BV, the world’s first programmatic rich-media marketplace, has signed a deal with ABN AMRO Bank NV.

Established in 2012, JustPremium connects advertisers with 3,000-plus premium publishers in 25 countries.  With its headquarters in Amsterdam, JustPremium currently has offices throughout Europe and North America.

ABM AMRO’s €1.5 million (US$1.7 million) funding will enable JustPremium to establish a physical presence in the region, starting with offices in Japan and Singapore in 2018.  It will also help develop JustPremium’s technology so that it meets the demands of APAC’s marketers and publishers.

JustPremium CEO, Eric Visser, says: “There is increased demand from Asia-Pacific-based marketers to make brand impact, create engaging experiences for their target customers and drive metrics that matter.”

“APAC advertisers can now benefit from our premium marketplace and take advantage of the many products and benefits we offer. These include greater scope for creativity, better engagement and a brand safe environment.”

The time is right for JustPremium to invest in Asia-Pacific as the region’s ad spend is projected to climb USD$30 billion between 2016 and 2019, accounting for 33% of the global figure by 2019, compared to 32% in 2016.

“It marks the first time the region will contribute more than a third of the world’s ad spend; although, it would still be smaller than the North American ad market, which accounts for 36%. However, the gap between the two regions is narrowing”, according to Zenith’s latest advertising expenditure forecasts.