Here at JustPremium, we believe that the only real way to develop new products is to listen carefully to the marketplace – the publishers, agencies and advertisers that are the heart and soul of our business – and then deliver that which is sorely needed. It is with that simple yet powerful belief that we proudly unveil our new Rich Video product suite today

The need is clear – and significant

With Rich Video, JustPremium is redefining video advertising at a time when quality video inventory has never been more in demand. As digital video viewership continues to skyrocket,brand advertisers are shifting significantly larger portions of their advertising budgets to this highly engaging and immersive medium. And with good reason. Video represents the most efficient and powerful way to communicate brand stories, evoke emotion and establish connections with customers and prospects.

That said, despite the fact that demand has never been higher, the quality, brand-safe video inventory that advertisers require has never been in shorter supply. In 2017 alone, our industry was rocked by two revelations:

There’s far less quality video inventory than we thought: Recently released research found that video inventory is being overstated by an astonishing 50+ times. That’s a lot of fake inventory that’s going to be weeded out this coming year, thanks to initiatives like the IAB’s ads.txt.

Existing video inventory isn’t nearly as safe as we thought: Last year, serious brand-safety concerns arose around YouTube content, which accounts for nearly 20 percent of the entire video advertising marketplace. As a result, major brands understandably decided to freeze their advertising on the platform, despite the site’s continued popularity as a consumer destination.

Why JustPremium’s Rich Video changes everything?

We saw the headlines. We heard from our constituents. The need couldn’t have been more clear: Our industry requires a scalable solution to deliver quality, brand-safe video inventory to the many advertisers looking to connect with consumers via this fast-ascending medium.  Enter Rich Video.

JustPremium’s Rich Video, which encompasses six high-impact video formats, is powerful, simple and effective. Whether you represent a publisher, agency or advertiser, this product was built to make video advertising easier, faster, more accessible and more impactful for your business.

With Rich Video, JustPremium is thrilled to be delivering on the following industry needs:

Video scaled everywhere: Rich Video runs on outstream inventory, which means it isn’t bound only to publishers with video content. For publishers, that means more revenue, even without vast investments in your own video departments. For agencies and advertisers, that means your ads can appear anywhere within our network of premium publishers. In short, Rich Video can scale.

Interactive, rich creative. Rich Video supercharges an advertiser’s existing video assets – no special content creation required. The product blends creativity with technology to deliver on both brand and performance objectives by layering on logos, tag-lines and social buttons to maximize the impact of every impression. Click here to see Rich Video in action

Seamless purchasing: With Rich Video, agencies and advertisers gain access to an intuitive video advertising experience within their existing DSPs. Rich Video ads can be purchased with the automation and targeted precision of your programmatic buys.

Brand safety: As with all JustPremium products, our Rich Video formats run only on our network of high-quality, premium publishers. Our publisher selection and ongoing inventory quality control measures are designed to safeguard the interests of our buyers and to uphold the integrity of the online industry and its ecosystem.

With Rich Video, JustPremium is putting an end to the shortage of quality, brand-safe video inventory for advertisers and their agencies. At the same time, we are opening up new, lucrative revenue streams for publishers that want to deliver innovative and effective ad experiences to their audiences and advertisers. We look forward to working with our publisher, agency and brand partners to continue to refine and grow this exciting new product during 2018 and beyond. Please feel free to contact us here — we want to hear from you!