Our Premium New Look

Read more about what inspired our new logo and our fresh new look in this blog post by Eric Sams, Creative Director at JustPremium.

After months of creative development and many late nights, our team at JustPremium is thrilled to share our new logo and visual identity with you. We couldn’t be more excited about the results, and we’re proud to unveil this new look as further evidence of our commitment to innovating in the digital space.

In the redesign of our logo, we wanted to represent the simplicity of our offering while still conveying its premium nature. To achieve this, we held multiple workshops with the entire creative team. We collaborated. We mood-boarded. We sweated every nuance. As a result, the new logo successfully reflects the feeling of “everyday luxury.” Much like a designer fragrance or high-end car, you can see the tailored craftmanship in the details.

The new visual identity comprises two parts: the monogram and the wordmark. Both embody the core qualities of our brand: helpfulness, innovation and irreverence. As you can see, the letterforms in the monogram literally help one another complete the readability of “JP.” Meanwhile, the italics were employed to convey a feeling of forward movement, representing innovation. And finally, the curve of the J embodies a lively quirkiness, symbolizing our irreverence.

Over the five-year history of JustPremium, we’ve evolved a lot. But one thing has remained constant: our commitment to creativity. We embrace the movement to create user-centric organic experiences that engage customers in new and exciting ways. At JustPremium, we love what we do. And we want to share that enthusiasm with all of you.

I’m deeply grateful for the time and effort that so many people from our team have invested in bringing our new visual identity to life.

Stay tuned for much more to come from our team! And thanks, as always, for being part of the JustPremium community.

–   Eric Sams, Creative Director at JustPremium 

Q&A with JustPremium’s Rob Garber: The Vital Issues Shaping Our Industry and Our Company

Rob Garber joined JustPremium two months ago as managing director for the UK. In his mere 60 days with the company, he’s witnessed tremendous change within both the industry and JustPremium itself. We sat down with him to get a look at the vital issues that are altering the landscape for marketers, as well as the key initiatives that are preparing JustPremium for the future.

JP: What are the most exciting changes in the industry right now that affect your work? And in general, how do you think the industry will change in the short and long term because of them

Rob Garber: For those of us inside JustPremium, as well as those viewing from the outside, we have seen a significant evolution in just a few months. Our team has grown rapidly, not just in the UK, but globally. We’ve launched new business units. And we’ve most recently gone through a full brand refresh. However, before we go into the changes internally, let’s talk about two large shifts that are going to affect us all in 2018:

The Coalition for Better Ads. On Feb. 15, 2018, the “Better Ads Experience” was rolled out on Google Chrome’s platform. At a high level, this will ensure all ads deemed intrusive be removed from our ecosystem for good. Publishers who are not adhering to the compliant ads will be penalized. Hurrah! This focus is something JustPremium is fully behind—to the extent that JustPremium was the first Rich Media provider to sign up to be part of the coalition.

GDPR. May 25th is a date on everyone’s calendar, whether you’re in the industry or not. I can tell you it’s an odd conversation when you’re discussing GDPR with your father, who is concerned about the data he holds for his fruit and vegetable wholesale company. But these are the conversations happening everywhere.

No data at scale – in a post-GDPR world, creative and environment will be the focus—and winner. It will ensure that creative is the guest of honor in the marketing mix, instead of the person you invite to the party at the 11th hour because you forgot to send the invite.

JP: What are the major projects you are working on? What do you aim to achieve with them?

Garber: Here’s a rundown of initiatives that we’ve been focused on at JustPremium UK:

Header Bidding. Header bidding has been a game changer for us in the UK. We are now able to offer a header bidding adaptors (via Pre-Bid, and a soon-to-be-announced key player in this space) to all of our publishers to ensure brands and agencies have the ability to tap into the full breadth of high-impact supply that is in the marketplace. This will help brands scale their campaigns effectively and publishers to ensure they are achieving as close to 100 percent fill rates as possible. No longer will scale in the high-impact space be a conversation to have. Header bidding removes this in its entirety.

Video. We’ve recently launched a new business unit called Rich Video. This is a suite of ad formats that allow brands to distribute video content at scale and—most importantly—in brand-safe environments.

JP: What piece of advice would you like to share with our clients?

Garber: Here are two stats to consider: First, we see 4,000-plus marketing messages a day. And second, 90 percent of our purchase decisions are driven by the emotional part of our brain, rather than the rationale part of our brain. With that in mind, I will leave you with two core messages:

  1. Always ensure that the format, or canvas, that you use to distribute your marketing message is impactful enough to break through the clutter (and is Coalition compliant).
  2. Always ensure that the creative you build to sit within this canvas is strong enough to create an emotional connection with your target audience, as our decisions to buy are emotional decisions.

If you operate by the above two principles, you will generate the ROI, be it tangible or intangible, that your brand is looking to achieve.