How creativity can survive on a mobile screen?

Worldwide, mobile advertising is driving the vast majority of ad spending growth, according to media measurement company Zenith. Globally, mobile ad spending was estimated to have grown an astounding 34 percent to top $107 billion last year. As our industry continues to invest more heavily in mobile ads in our mobile-first world, we can’t afford to lose sight of the true key to success in this realm: messaging and creative that resonates with a mobile audience.

As marketers strive to deliver memorable ad experiences in the mobile space, here are three principles to keep in mind.

Design for the device. You can’t simply repurpose desktop creative for a mobile audience and expect it to resonate. You need to leverage the ever-growing array of creative, immersive and uniquely mobile formats available to marketers today, including Mobile Scrollers and others. Furthermore, your mobile creative should take advantage of the deeply personal relationships that people have with their mobile devices. Make your ads engaging, interactive and — above all — personal. One of my favorite examples of harnessing natural user behavior to personalize a mobile ad experience is Starbucks’ incorporation of selfies into Snapchat ad units. But such creative ideas can be employed outside the walled gardens of social media as well.

Gamify it. What do mobile device users love almost as much as selfies? Games. Today’s Rich Media mobile units enable a wide range of interaction and engagement features that lend themselves well to games, be it a simple tap-to-play branded game or a more-immersive experience that includes video. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your creative.

Give users a choice. Importantly, part of creating ads for the mobile environment means understanding and respecting the fact that someone simply might not want to see your creative at a given moment. Respecting a user’s desired experience is important in all advertising, but perhaps nowhere as much as on a mobile device. Allow people to dismiss your ads with ease. Creating this positive user experience will increase the likelihood that users will stop to engage with your creative when it appeals to them, rather than being instantly put off by any ad unit that crosses their most personal of screens.

At JustPremium, our creative studio works hand in hand with leading advertisers to create engaging mobile experiences that help brands stand out. If you’re looking to create a memorable mobile moment for your brand’s audience, reach out via our contact form.  

– Jeff Jacobs, Product Manager at JustPremium