As a premier American cable television ad provider, JustPremium’s partner has previously enjoyed messaging success by delivering traditional :15 and :30 second television ad spots for a variety of clients. These spots were consistently delivered to millions of cable subscribers utilizing their existing community of 75 cable networks for local ad insertion. 

More cable customers than ever are opting to “cut the cord” on traditional cable. As such, the provider’s ability to reach audiences at a scale attractive for their advertising partners was rapidly dwindling. 

To maintain this cable supplier’s capacity to deliver audiences and provide meaningful results for its advertisers, the company decided to put in place a strategy that would allow them to “recapture” lost cable audiences by adding select digital products to complement their core cable television campaigns.   

To achieve this, the company turned to JustPremium as one of its primary digital solution providers to offer support for their digital expansion initiative, assist with their current sales team product/operations integrations, and expand their cross-screen innovation efforts.   

By working with JustPremium to add complementary digital solutions to their traditional television campaigns they provide to their advertisers, the cable provider has been able to continue to grow top-line revenue and profit, even as other comparable traditional media companies experience stagnant or declining results

The Challenge - Going Digital

In 2018, the majority of the cable ad supplier came from traditional spot cable television sales, made by it’s over 200 traditional spot cable sellers.

The cable supplier’s capability to successfully reach audiences at scale was beginning to suffer as a result of their customers being able to attain news, sports, and entertainment content online. Traditionally, this content was solely available through television, meaning a net loss for cable ad providers.

The challenge for the cable was the same one facing many traditional media companies today; how to effectively deliver successful ad campaigns to brands by empowering their sales team to expand into powerful digital solutions to their product offerings.

The Solution - JustPremium Direct

JustPremium, a leading rich media marketplaceprovided the solution in the form of JustPremium DirectJustPremium Direct tackles all the pain points of partners, by giving them the power to easily create rich media ads that include all the attention-grabbing elements that brands love for their effectiveness in conversion.   

By utilizing JustPremium’s customizable ad-builder technology, the partner’s sales team could eliminate the challenges presented by more easily available digital content. This creative tool energized and empowered their sales team with a unique digital solution in a competitive market. A tool that could easily be synchronised with the television spots they offer to advertisers casting a wider net to reach more audiences 

The Result - Instant Growth in Revenues

The benefit of the JustPremium solution were clear and impressive. Within the first quarter of implementation of the strategy, over 50% of the cable provider’s bespoke sales team succeeded in selling and running ad campaigns using JustPremium Direct. These resounding results can be traced to three significant aspects:

  1. Comprehensive and effective sales & operations training by JustPremium for the cable provider’s sales team
  2. Ease-of-use of the self-service ad creative builder tool that allowed them achieve maximum creativity combined with ultimate control
  3. The superior attention-holding results of JustPremium’s high-impact rich media formats provided to the cable provider’s advertising partners.

Ultimately, the cable operator saw a 70% increase in digital revenue in just three months following the launch of the JustPremium Direct strategy. That growth percentage is expected to grow to 100% in the next quarter. Looking further into the future, this solution is on track to achieve double of their previous year-over-year growth in its first year.

Digital ad inventory has also grown eightfold creating an opportunity for publishers. While the media landscape is constantly adapted and disrupted, JustPremium is on hand to provide the upper hand to partners to continue its ascent and dominance within the market.

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