A Complete Guide to TCF v2.0 for Publishers

Since the introduction of the GDPR, all players in the digital advertising market had to make effective adjustments to their data storage protocols. For any individual publisher, vendor or advertiser establishing a framework for how these new data privacy initiatives would be carried out, that challenge was immense.

That’s where IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) came in. It was constructed to give a standard for how publishers and ad vendors could continue to use online advertising while providing consumers more control over their data privacy.

In the time since the first implementation of the TCF, technology has advanced, best practices have been identified, and authorities in data protection have been active with increased scrutiny. Thus began the implementation of TCF 2.0, which is the second, more advanced iteration of the Transparency and Consent Framework.

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What does TCF v2.0 do?

First, TCF v2.0 continues the standard of helping users make more informed choices through transparency that was set forth by the first version, TCF v1.1.

The newer version builds on this by enabling users to grant and withhold their consent to data storage with more precise controls.

TCF 2.0 also makes things better for publishers by giving them the right to choose which data they share with vendors on a per-vendor basis. This opens up publishers for more collaborations with more control.

How is JustPremium working within TCF v2.0? 

JustPremium is dedicated to upholding and guiding publishers to work within these new guidelines. We are working as an active participant with Vendor ID# 62 and because of this, we urge all publishers to upgrade to TCF v2.0 soon. 

Our goal is to deliver better ads to everyone. We want to make sure every publisher we work with is set up for success and part of that is ensuring the full delivery of ads and revenues to the publishers who rely on them for their bottom line. This works best when publishers stay up to date with the latest framework recommendations and implement all necessary tools to ensure the continued success of their publications. 

What Do Publishers Need To Do? 

For Immediate Action

IAB Europe has announced that after September 30, 2020 TCF v.1.1 consent strings will no longer be valid. This could cause a disruption in the ad delivery supply chain and leave publishers who do not upgrade with lower revenues.

The implementation of the new TCF v2.0 is a great step forward in ensuring a safe and trusted environment for users. We look forward to it inspiring more consumer confidence in advertisers and publishers alike.

The JustPremium Team is always here to provide guidance on how our partners can make the most out this new framework. In the meantime, we encourage you to consult the additional resources below to help better understand the purpose and the process of how the TCF v2.0 will benefit all industry entities.

Resource Library with Essential Information