A man looking at the Completely responsive Mobile Expandable that has makes a strong impact on the Viewability Rate

JustPremium’s Newest Ad Solves Long Standing Industry Issue of Low Viewability on Mobile

JustPremium has launched a brand-new ad product that is guaranteed to make a strong impact on mobile

The all-new Mobile Expandable takes the strong benchmark performance of footer ads and injects more creativity and a larger share of voice for even more astonishing performance. 

Viewability in mobile environments has been a long-standing issue for advertisers due to ad formats and products that are ill-adapted to mobile devices and the user behaviorThe completely responsive Mobile Expandable solves this problem by placing the ad directly in sight of the user in an adhesive position and assures quick loading times. The product is built with user-intuitive design that allows the ad to expand and collapse based on touchscreen scrolling.  

The result is significantly Higher Viewability Rate and more user interaction with the creative, leading to better performance and stronger ROI for advertisers.

Incredible Mobile Expandable Benefits 

  • A responsive product built exclusively for mobile to maximize reach. 
  • Features astonishing 90% Viewability on mobile. 
  • Incredible 1% CTR which outstrips the standard IAB average of 0.47%.** 
  • Lower CPMs assuring better ROI for advertisers  
  • A larger canvas with increased creative capabilities like videos, games, or many more options. 

JustPremium also makes it easy to build the Mobile Expandable by giving buyers the choice they need. Our Creative Studio can build a custom ad in just 3 days. Alternatively, when brands provide their creative assets, our team can assure a Templated Build within 24 hours. 

Eric Sams, the Creative Director of JustPremiumis thrilled to provide advertisers with a better way to reach users on mobile: 

This is just the beginning as JustPremium looks forward to rolling out even more innovative products that use the powerful combination of media, tech and creativity as the key components of better advertising.  

** Compared to Standard IAB, Display Ad CTR Benchmark Report, SmartInsights, September 2020 Update