JustPremium Hires New COO, Wilbert Keunen

JustPremium Hires New COO, Wilbert Keunen, as plans for global expansion in 2021 take place.

JustPremium, a programmatic ad tech leader, has grown rapidly over the last several years. Under Founder and CEO Eric Visser’s leadership, the company has developed from a Dutch based start-up into a thriving business with 12 global offices and over 125 employees.  JustPremium is on track to further its expansion in the upcoming years through a variety of innovative tech solutions, new products, and extended services for clients and partners.

To push JustPremium’s growth trajectory, senior leadership looked to adding a Chief Operating Officer to the board. The right person had to embody the company’s ideals of creativity and innovation and would take on the responsibility of executing the company’s business plans. The new COO would also work alongside CEO Eric Visser, who will turn his focus to the long-term strategy for the company and innovation:

“I am extremely proud of everything we have achieved in the past 8 years. As we look ahead, we see JustPremium has an incredible growth potential and we plan to take company to the next level. Therefore, I have been looking for a suitable COO to take over daily operations and help me scale up our business even more.”

 –  Eric Visser, CEO

A New Face for a New Phase

Ultimately, the perfect candidate was found in Wilbert Keunen.

Wilbert Keunen is no stranger to JustPremium. Keunen previously worked as an Investment Manager at VenturesOne, a shareholder in JustPremium. He was an integral part of JustPremium’s growth trajectory as he worked alongside the ad tech leader for three years in the fields of strategy and finance. JustPremium caught up with Keunen on his first day:

What was your first reaction when you first heard Eric wants you to join JustPremium?

Keunen: I was surprised and honoured when Eric first called me and said he found the right COO. It took me a few seconds to realise he was actually talking about me. At the same time, I am very pleased in joining the company and assisting in realizing JustPremium’s full potential.

What will be your mission within the company and what do you set as a starting priority?

Keunen: We already have a plan and strategic direction for the upcoming year. My main focus as a COO will be to execute this plan in 2021. Until then, I will start by taking the time to better understand the company the dynamics within it and meet the global teams.

How do you see the future of JustPremium?

Keunen: JustPremium is active in one of the fastest growing sectors of digital advertising. Our creativity, the innovation of our products and our dynamic global team, bring unique expertise to the field. We have an incredible potential to grow and I’ll make sure we stay on the right track of delivering better advertising for everyone.

Can you elaborate on how you plan to work with Eric and the teams?

Keunen: Eric is a true entrepreneur. He thinks of ideas that drive progress for JustPremium and our clients, while I bring a more pragmatic approach. I will look into all aspects of the organisation, making sure our company runs efficiently, moves toward our goals and operates at it’s very best.

JustPremium’s team welcomes Wilbert and looks forward having him onboard. Stay tuned for more updates on our blog and social channels.