Marco Novelli, Head of Campaign Management at JustPremium, pasted on a background representing the style of JustPremium

Q&A with Marco Novelli, Head of Campaign Management at JustPremium

We’re proud to announce Marco Novelli as the Head of Campaign Management for JustPremium. Marco is a #Programmatic expert with a deep understanding of technologies and processes from Buy-Supply and Data angles. He embodies our creative approach with his passion for innovative concepts and fast-paced, diverse teams. Welcome Marco! Hear more about his remarkable journey in our Q&A.

Tell us a little about the journey that brought you to JustPremium.

Marco: About 7 years ago my journey started at the Lithuanian HQ of Adform, the full stack AdTech company where  I had the opportunity to learn many of the tools of the digital advertising landscape (such as dsp, ssp, dmp etc.). I was there for a few years before moving to sunny Barcelona, working first for Marfeel, another mobile AdTech company to help publishers monetise their traffic and later for Nestle, rolling out the DMP platform for all their Brands. Joining JustPremium is the completion of the circle and a nice welcome back to a pure Adtech scale up company, and moving to the Netherlands was a long-planned step.

What attracted you to joining the team at JustPremium?

Marco: I’ve known the company for a long time and always kept an eye on it, admiring their cool advertising offering and very fresh branding. I was also aware of the talented and inspired team.

How do you see yourself fitting in?

Marco: I believe this is the best environment for me, considering my love for international and young environments, with lots of interesting ideas and creative approach.

What does your role at JustPremium entail?

Marco: I lead a global team of very talented Campaign managers and I am here to make sure that we deliver the best possible service to all our partners and that internally we are aligned with the other departments. Another focus area is updating and upgrading the team’s knowledge and processes.

What’s the most interesting thing to you about it?

Marco: To be part of a truly diverse team and work with many different clients across the multiple GEOs we are in, along with our many technological partners.

You used to work on the publisher side, how does your mindset alter between the two contexts?

Marco: Having worked both for an advertiser and representing publishers made me aware of their respective needs and priorities so now that I am at JustPremium I am in the best position to try to help both sides in a way that publishers get quality ads and incremental revenue and buyers appear in premium and performing sites.

How do you view the future?

Marco: Especially in these times of multiple changes in our industry, it is difficult to predict the future. However one thing that will definitely stay relevant and most likely gain importance is the innovative and creative advertising offer. That will continue to be the core element that decides the success of online advertising efforts.

Anything else we should know?

Marco: I have found a great group of people in JustPremium and I am sure that with all the knowledge, new ideas, great internal/external communication we will be able to grow our business and show the world what we are capable of.