JustPremium Hires New COO, Wilbert Keunen

JustPremium Hires New COO, Wilbert Keunen, as plans for global expansion in 2021 take place.

JustPremium, a programmatic ad tech leader, has grown rapidly over the last several years. Under Founder and CEO Eric Visser’s leadership, the company has developed from a Dutch based start-up into a thriving business with 12 global offices and over 125 employees.  JustPremium is on track to further its expansion in the upcoming years through a variety of innovative tech solutions, new products, and extended services for clients and partners.

To push JustPremium’s growth trajectory, senior leadership looked to adding a Chief Operating Officer to the board. The right person had to embody the company’s ideals of creativity and innovation and would take on the responsibility of executing the company’s business plans. The new COO would also work alongside CEO Eric Visser, who will turn his focus to the long-term strategy for the company and innovation:

“I am extremely proud of everything we have achieved in the past 8 years. As we look ahead, we see JustPremium has an incredible growth potential and we plan to take company to the next level. Therefore, I have been looking for a suitable COO to take over daily operations and help me scale up our business even more.”

 –  Eric Visser, CEO

A New Face for a New Phase

Ultimately, the perfect candidate was found in Wilbert Keunen.

Wilbert Keunen is no stranger to JustPremium. Keunen previously worked as an Investment Manager at VenturesOne, a shareholder in JustPremium. He was an integral part of JustPremium’s growth trajectory as he worked alongside the ad tech leader for three years in the fields of strategy and finance. JustPremium caught up with Keunen on his first day:

What was your first reaction when you first heard Eric wants you to join JustPremium?

Keunen: I was surprised and honoured when Eric first called me and said he found the right COO. It took me a few seconds to realise he was actually talking about me. At the same time, I am very pleased in joining the company and assisting in realizing JustPremium’s full potential.

What will be your mission within the company and what do you set as a starting priority?

Keunen: We already have a plan and strategic direction for the upcoming year. My main focus as a COO will be to execute this plan in 2021. Until then, I will start by taking the time to better understand the company the dynamics within it and meet the global teams.

How do you see the future of JustPremium?

Keunen: JustPremium is active in one of the fastest growing sectors of digital advertising. Our creativity, the innovation of our products and our dynamic global team, bring unique expertise to the field. We have an incredible potential to grow and I’ll make sure we stay on the right track of delivering better advertising for everyone.

Can you elaborate on how you plan to work with Eric and the teams?

Keunen: Eric is a true entrepreneur. He thinks of ideas that drive progress for JustPremium and our clients, while I bring a more pragmatic approach. I will look into all aspects of the organisation, making sure our company runs efficiently, moves toward our goals and operates at it’s very best.

JustPremium’s team welcomes Wilbert and looks forward having him onboard. Stay tuned for more updates on our blog and social channels.

JustPremium’s Newest Ad Solves Long Standing Industry Issue of Low Viewability on Mobile

JustPremium has launched a brand-new ad product that is guaranteed to make a strong impact on mobile

The all-new Mobile Expandable takes the strong benchmark performance of footer ads and injects more creativity and a larger share of voice for even more astonishing performance. 

Viewability in mobile environments has been a long-standing issue for advertisers due to ad formats and products that are ill-adapted to mobile devices and the user behaviorThe completely responsive Mobile Expandable solves this problem by placing the ad directly in sight of the user in an adhesive position and assures quick loading times. The product is built with user-intuitive design that allows the ad to expand and collapse based on touchscreen scrolling.  

The result is significantly Higher Viewability Rate and more user interaction with the creative, leading to better performance and stronger ROI for advertisers.

Incredible Mobile Expandable Benefits 

  • A responsive product built exclusively for mobile to maximize reach. 
  • Features astonishing 90% Viewability on mobile. 
  • Incredible 1% CTR which outstrips the standard IAB average of 0.47%.** 
  • Lower CPMs assuring better ROI for advertisers  
  • A larger canvas with increased creative capabilities like videos, games, or many more options. 

JustPremium also makes it easy to build the Mobile Expandable by giving buyers the choice they need. Our Creative Studio can build a custom ad in just 3 days. Alternatively, when brands provide their creative assets, our team can assure a Templated Build within 24 hours. 

Eric Sams, the Creative Director of JustPremiumis thrilled to provide advertisers with a better way to reach users on mobile: 

This is just the beginning as JustPremium looks forward to rolling out even more innovative products that use the powerful combination of media, tech and creativity as the key components of better advertising.  

** Compared to Standard IAB, Display Ad CTR Benchmark Report, SmartInsights, September 2020 Update 

My New 2020 Vision Wrap Up

JustPremium recently challenged professionals in the ad and publishing industry to share their new predictions for 2020 under the #MyNew2020Vision hashtag challenge. People from all across the ad landscape answered the call with their own take on how they saw the rest of the year playing out and what changes they felt would become permanent fixtures in their working lives. They posted these predictions on their LinkedIn and became part of a broader conversation about evolution in times of distress.

The answers were as varied as the numerous participants. Some were more focused on how the Coronavirus would change the world of work generally, such as those who predicted that many people would be compelled to change career paths or find new lines of work. Others focused more on the closer effects of how it would change advertising or publishing specifically. For instance, many of the participants predicted that global media buying would consolidate and become more centralized.

Consolidation of Media Buying Powers

This could apply to not just advertising and publishing, but many office jobs that span across a variety of industries. However, the next most popular suggestions were very singular to the advertising industry. Harmen Tjaarda of JustPremium and Katie Ewer of JKR Singapore both foresee a round of media buy-outs before the end of the year.

Rob Garber, Managing Director for JustPremium, said: “There will be an aggressive M&A focus post-COVID-19. With cash-flow a struggle and redundancies and government plans being used, there will be more consolidation in the ecosystem.”

Ad Landscape/Media

Giving Back and Making an Impact

Another trend that we’re already seeing is brands leveraging their compassion and their sense community responsibility to pivot their messaging to include more human values themes. A good majority of participants predicted that this trend will continue.

Corporate Social Responsibility will be a huge trend going forward, according to Siim Säinas, the Social Insights and Measurement Lead for Maker Labs, a partner of Google. He said, “Everyone around the world is in fighting Covid-19 together. Consumer data suggests that our collective empathy has increased over the past months and we have started paying more attention to the world around us. Maybe cause-based marketing will just become marketing. Maybe we are ready to take on global warming.”

This will no doubt be true, but other respondents pointed out that consumers can feel fatigue around these messages rather quickly, and brands will have to get creative to break through to their customers when so many companies are offering merely generic messages of compassion.

Kate Ewer, Head of Strategy for JKR Singapore, underlined this point by saying she thinks we will see heightened consumer skepticism. “If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s that there are two kinds of brands – those that have made a positive impact in a manner authentic to their values, and those that have messed about with the spacing of their logo elements. Posture at your peril.”

This is also in line with the opinion of Anton Reyniers, Google’s Regional Strategic Partnership lead who believes that now is the time to invest in real branding to make an impact. Reyniers predicts “the effectiveness of long term brand building will be something that can’t be ignored. Tactical led CMOs will fade away replaced with those that understand that protecting a brand means building it over years not quarters.”

Consumer Behavior

Regular Remote Working

However, the most popular prediction was one that companies had already been putting in action. The majority of respondents indicated that working from home becoming the new normal would be the most likely outcome of this disruption. While people varied in their reasoning as to why this would be so, they all agreed that these lockdown procedures served as a great trial run for a more remote working industry.

Peter Phillips, Global Strategy Director at MediaCom, elaborated, “Office work environment will radically change with a greater emphasis on remote and distance working and cross-team collaboration. Increased workforce flexibility in order to reduce size and upskill employees to make them more fluid with increased transferable skills and improve productivity whilst reducing costs.”


Various Ways of Aclimatizing to the New Normal

Other popular predictions include an increasing dominance of e-commerce shopping as consumers are more wary of social interactions in brick-and-mortar retail establishments. Another prediction is that digital advertising will become one of the more preferred ways to reach users as OOH and even television advertising struggles. Even still, advertisers will have to prioritize how to break through on those channels by using more creative and interactive elements to grab user attention.

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