The Fast Way to Go Digital

As a premier American cable television ad provider, JustPremium’s partner has previously enjoyed messaging success by delivering traditional :15 and :30 second television ad spots for a variety of clients. These spots were consistently delivered to millions of cable subscribers utilizing their existing community of 75 cable networks for local ad insertion. 

More cable customers than ever are opting to “cut the cord” on traditional cable. As such, the provider’s ability to reach audiences at a scale attractive for their advertising partners was rapidly dwindling. 

To maintain this cable supplier’s capacity to deliver audiences and provide meaningful results for its advertisers, the company decided to put in place a strategy that would allow them to “recapture” lost cable audiences by adding select digital products to complement their core cable television campaigns.   

To achieve this, the company turned to JustPremium as one of its primary digital solution providers to offer support for their digital expansion initiative, assist with their current sales team product/operations integrations, and expand their cross-screen innovation efforts.   

By working with JustPremium to add complementary digital solutions to their traditional television campaigns they provide to their advertisers, the cable provider has been able to continue to grow top-line revenue and profit, even as other comparable traditional media companies experience stagnant or declining results

The Challenge - Going Digital

In 2018, the majority of the cable ad supplier came from traditional spot cable television sales, made by it’s over 200 traditional spot cable sellers.

The cable supplier’s capability to successfully reach audiences at scale was beginning to suffer as a result of their customers being able to attain news, sports, and entertainment content online. Traditionally, this content was solely available through television, meaning a net loss for cable ad providers.

The challenge for the cable was the same one facing many traditional media companies today; how to effectively deliver successful ad campaigns to brands by empowering their sales team to expand into powerful digital solutions to their product offerings.

The Solution - JustPremium Direct

JustPremium, a leading rich media marketplaceprovided the solution in the form of JustPremium DirectJustPremium Direct tackles all the pain points of partners, by giving them the power to easily create rich media ads that include all the attention-grabbing elements that brands love for their effectiveness in conversion.   

By utilizing JustPremium’s customizable ad-builder technology, the partner’s sales team could eliminate the challenges presented by more easily available digital content. This creative tool energized and empowered their sales team with a unique digital solution in a competitive market. A tool that could easily be synchronised with the television spots they offer to advertisers casting a wider net to reach more audiences 

The Result - Instant Growth in Revenues

The benefit of the JustPremium solution were clear and impressive. Within the first quarter of implementation of the strategy, over 50% of the cable provider’s bespoke sales team succeeded in selling and running ad campaigns using JustPremium Direct. These resounding results can be traced to three significant aspects:

  1. Comprehensive and effective sales & operations training by JustPremium for the cable provider’s sales team
  2. Ease-of-use of the self-service ad creative builder tool that allowed them achieve maximum creativity combined with ultimate control
  3. The superior attention-holding results of JustPremium’s high-impact rich media formats provided to the cable provider’s advertising partners.

Ultimately, the cable operator saw a 70% increase in digital revenue in just three months following the launch of the JustPremium Direct strategy. That growth percentage is expected to grow to 100% in the next quarter. Looking further into the future, this solution is on track to achieve double of their previous year-over-year growth in its first year.

Digital ad inventory has also grown eightfold creating an opportunity for publishers. While the media landscape is constantly adapted and disrupted, JustPremium is on hand to provide the upper hand to partners to continue its ascent and dominance within the market.

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JustPremium Implements the New Standards for True Ad Transparency

Live with Sellers.json and OpenRTB SupplyChain Object

24 Months ago, the IAB launched the ads.txt initiative – helping ad buyers avoid unauthorized inventory reselling and domain spoofing. It enabled publishers to upload a text file on their web server and list all vendors authorized to sell their inventory. Although ads.txt was a major step forward to a more transparent digital environment, it only covered one part of the equation.

In July, the IAB Tech Lab released their latest initiatives, aimed at increasing trust in the digital ecosystem. It is comprised of two new technical specifications – Sellers.json and the OpenRTB SupplyChain Object. As part of our commitment to transparency and trust in the digital advertising space, JustPremium was one of the first to implement the two new SupplyChain tools.

So what exactly are Sellers.json and the OpenRTB SupplyChain Object — and how do they work together?

About Sellers.JSON

Sellers.json is the next step from ads.txt files, tackling the issue from the other side of the ecosystem —networks, SSPs and Exchanges. In the sellers.json file, re-sellers have to list all of the partners they work with (e.g. publishers, intermediaries), along with their seller IDs and the legal entity that owns that company. This information is then available for the DSP to crawl and examine.

But how do ads.txt and sellers.json work together? This is where the SupplyChain Object comes in place.


OpenRTB SupplyChain Object

For end-to-end transparency, the OpenRTB SupplyChain Object is required. Simply put, the SupplyChain Object is a record of each intermediary between the publisher and the advertiser.

Via the SupplyChain Object, the buyer is able to see which sellers and re-sellers have been involved in each bid request. This is executed with a path of so called “nodes,” each representing the vendor that was the final re-seller in the chain.

With the SupplyChain Object it is easy for the buyer to match the ads.txt and sellers.json data, using the seller IDs. If all data matches, DSP’s will allow bids on this bidrequest.

What Does this Mean for Advertisers and Publishers?

Advertisers will not need to worry about fraudulent traffic, nor about vendors reselling impressions to duplicate them and drive up costs. Instead, they can now make data-driven decisions when choosing their partners and optimize their campaigns to achieve better ROI. Greater trust in the market will lead to higher spending and thus, higher revenues for publishers.

JustPremium fully supports IAB initiatives, working towards a more transparent ecosystem and delivering the highest levels of brand safety for advertisers. As part of our constant dedication to transforming the digital ad space, we are now hosting and managing a complete Sellers.json file and have implemented the SupplyChain object in all outgoing bid requests.

To learn more — and understand how to use both tools to achieve better ROI — talk to us directly.
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Q&A with JustPremium’s Walter Aerts

Walter Aerts currently serves as Vice President of business development at JustPremium, but he’s worn many hats with the company over the past five years. Today, he’s seeing an exciting evolution in how brands are approaching their digital media buys. In this Q&A, he discusses the recent client-side shifts in campaign measurement and creative experimentation that are paving a bright future for rich media advertising.

What are the main and most exciting changes in the industry right now that affect your work? What challenges and opportunities do you see in them?

Walter: We are seeing brands become more specific in what they are looking to measure. When we launched JustPremium, it was all about the CTR of a campaign. The campaigns we are running these days have multiple KPIs and are more focused on brand lift, viewabilty, brand safety and engagement. I think this trend is going to lead to an even bigger shift from direct I/O dollars to programmatic dollars, as buyers look to be fully in control and able to measure campaigns via their own or third-party technologies.

In general, how do you think the industry will change in the short- and long-term? 

Walter: It is really exciting to see that our clients are looking to do cooler things with our ad units. We are getting more and more requests that involve our creative team, as our clients look to us to execute interactive elements, dynamic creative and new variations of existing ad units. I hope that this trend will continue in the future.

What are the major projects you are working on? What do you aim to achieve with them? 

Walter: My job at JustPremium is to build up new markets for JustPremium. For the past 2.5 years, I’ve been working on the expansion of JustPremium in the United States. My next big project is to continue that expansion and open a JustPremium office in Los Angeles. We are looking to have a full sales office in place there by the end of 2018.

What is the most exciting part of your work at JustPremium? 

Walter: I’ve been with JustPremium for more than five years, and I’ve served in many different roles. It has been exciting to see the growth of the company over the past five years, and I’m proud to be a part of that. For me personally, it has been very cool to constantly work in new markets. I get to show people who have never heard of JustPremium what we have to offer.

What piece of advice would you like to share with our clients?

Walter: Clients should never be afraid to loop JustPremium into their conversations at an early stage. We are always willing to help with creative and strategic ideas, and we are working with many creative agencies globally. I think clients can really benefit from our insights in their early campaign conversations.

How Creativity Can Survive on a Mobile Screen?

How creativity can survive on a mobile screen?

Worldwide, mobile advertising is driving the vast majority of ad spending growth, according to media measurement company Zenith. Globally, mobile ad spending was estimated to have grown an astounding 34 percent to top $107 billion last year. As our industry continues to invest more heavily in mobile ads in our mobile-first world, we can’t afford to lose sight of the true key to success in this realm: messaging and creative that resonates with a mobile audience.

As marketers strive to deliver memorable ad experiences in the mobile space, here are three principles to keep in mind.

Design for the device. You can’t simply repurpose desktop creative for a mobile audience and expect it to resonate. You need to leverage the ever-growing array of creative, immersive and uniquely mobile formats available to marketers today, including Mobile Scrollers and others. Furthermore, your mobile creative should take advantage of the deeply personal relationships that people have with their mobile devices. Make your ads engaging, interactive and — above all — personal. One of my favorite examples of harnessing natural user behavior to personalize a mobile ad experience is Starbucks’ incorporation of selfies into Snapchat ad units. But such creative ideas can be employed outside the walled gardens of social media as well.

Gamify it. What do mobile device users love almost as much as selfies? Games. Today’s Rich Media mobile units enable a wide range of interaction and engagement features that lend themselves well to games, be it a simple tap-to-play branded game or a more-immersive experience that includes video. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your creative.

Give users a choice. Importantly, part of creating ads for the mobile environment means understanding and respecting the fact that someone simply might not want to see your creative at a given moment. Respecting a user’s desired experience is important in all advertising, but perhaps nowhere as much as on a mobile device. Allow people to dismiss your ads with ease. Creating this positive user experience will increase the likelihood that users will stop to engage with your creative when it appeals to them, rather than being instantly put off by any ad unit that crosses their most personal of screens.

At JustPremium, our creative studio works hand in hand with leading advertisers to create engaging mobile experiences that help brands stand out. If you’re looking to create a memorable mobile moment for your brand’s audience, reach out via our contact form.  

– Jeff Jacobs, Product Manager at JustPremium 

JustPremium signs exclusive partnership with Spain’s iKreate

Deal brings innovative, creative and effective online advertising products to more Spanish marketers.

To boost its presence in Spain and bring innovative ad products to more Spanish publishers and advertisers, JustPremium, the world’s first programmatic rich-media marketplace, has signed a partnership agreement with Spanish digital agency iKreate.

iKreate will represent JustPremium in Spain and connect Spanish advertisers with high-impact products on premium publishers across both desktop and mobile. iKreate clients will benefit from customized ads that drive more engagement and increased viewability that typically exceeds 80%.

JustPremium CEO, Eric Visser, says: “There is increased demand from Spanish marketers to make a brand impact, create engaging experiences for their target customers and drive metrics that matter. iKreate is the leading independent digital agency in Spain. They help their clients reach audiences in new and interesting ways which makes them the natural partner to exclusively represent us.

“Spanish advertisers can now tap into our premium marketplace and take advantage of the many products and benefits we offer. These include greater scope for creativity, better engagement and a brand safe environment.”

Henrik Varga, managing director of iKreate, will also take on the role of JustPremium Spanish country manager.

Varga said: “The entire iKreate team is very excited to open the doors for Spanish advertisers who demand the type of solutions offered by JustPremium. Our innovative products including the Interscroller and Rich Video will allow marketers to take advantage of ad units that increase viewability and drive better campaign results.”

JustPremium joins Coalition for Better Ads

At JustPremium, we’re committed to raising online advertising standards for the benefit of consumers, advertisers and publishers.

Over the past year we’ve developed new ad units that are both more effective and give advertisers greater scope for creativity. We’ve also signed up new publisher networks across 25 countries, offering brands targeted and ‘safe’ advertising environments.

However making better advertising part of our DNA has to mean more than just developing products and signing partnerships. It also has to mean taking a leadership position when it comes to promoting the different issues relevant to our industry.
As a result, we’ve now joined the Coalition for Better Ads. This is an industry-wide grouping that is committed to rolling out standards that will improve consumers’ experiences with online advertising.
The Coalition for Better Ads (CFBA) does so by leveraging consumer insights and cross-industry expertise to develop and implement new global standards for online advertising that address consumer expectations.
Being a member of the Coalition for Better Ads means we will directly help shape industry best practice when it comes to safe, secure and fraud-free ad experiences in consumer-friendly digital environments.
Better ads are of course ads that are creative. But it is about more than just creativity.

Better ads are also well targeted. They are fraud-free. They sit in trusted environments. And they enhance, rather than spoil, the user’s browsing experience.

JustPremium announces new ad units that increase viewability, with 3,000+ publishers connected

JustPremium, the world’s first programmatic Rich Media Marketplace has launched a range of new advertising units at DMexco, which both increase viewability for advertisers, while giving them scope for greater creativity.

At the same time, JustPremium announced that it now connects advertisers with over 3,000 Premium Publihshers across 25 countries.

Previously only available via desktops through direct buys with publishers, the JustPremium Scroller has now been launched for all browsing environments, whether desktop or mobile, as well as across JustPremium’s global publisher network.

By combining the advantages of programmatic and the user-friendliness of this product, Justpremium is meeting the goals of premium brand advertising, and allows brands to engage audiences at scale via its marketplace.

The rich media or creative video ad unit slides seamlessly into the content as the user scrolls and fully engaging the user with branded messaging. As with other JustPremium ad units, the Scroller gives advertisers more possibilities to develop creative and engaging campaigns.

Crucially, JustPremium’s Scroller product is proven to increase viewability to 80% on Desktop and Mobile devices, a figure that is far higher than industry standards and one that JustPremium is constantly working to increase.

3000+ Premium Publishers now work with JustPremium

At the same time as launching the new Scroller, JustPremium announced that its marketplace now connects 3000 premium publishers with advertisers worldwide. These publishers are based in 25 countries and cover multiple vertical industry sectors.

These vertical sectors allow advertisers to run targeted campaigns relevant to different consumer audiences. The fact that they are premium publishers, means that they offer a brand safe environment, as well as adhering to high editorial standards.

According to JustPremium CEO, Eric Visser, “when we started JustPremium in 2012, our goal was nothing less than to become a game-changer in the advertising industry. Since then, we have seen huge growth, have consistently launched new ad units and products and have built up a trusted market-place for brand advertisers and premium publishers.

“The launch of our new Scroller at DMexco is another sign of our commitment to developing a better and more effective online advertising ecosystem, one that works for and connects both advertisers and publishers around the world.”

JustPremium launches We Love Better Ads campaign

JustPremium’s commitment to more effective, more creative and more targeted online advertising is being brought to life through a new campaign called ‘We Love Better Ads.’

Starting at DMexco and over the next twelve months, JustPremium will initiate a new campaign called We Love Better Ads.The aim of the campaign will be to facilitate a discussion among advertisers, publishers and adtech companies on how the industry can best take advantage on the enormous opportunities it now has.

This will come to life through a range of activity, including events, a dedicated micro-site, and white papers.

New Partnership Gives Brands More Scope to Target Grocery Buyers Online

A new partnership is giving brands new and more effective ways to target ‘foodies’ and household grocery buyers online. Following an announcement made today, JustPremium is teaming up with Gourmet Ads to run high impact and rich media formats across 2,000 publishers worldwide via header bidding.

JustPremium offers rich media display and video advertising solutions that sit within or surround premium content across all devices. The partnership will mean that high impact ads can be served onto the Gourmet Ads publisher network within minutes.

Gourmet Ads has an expansive network of food, cooking and recipe websites where people make meal decisions before heading to the supermarket, making it ideal environment for CPG brands to engage with them.

Consumers who access the Gourmet Ads network typically spend between US $200 – $500 a month on groceries. Many are females aged 25-54 with children, and who are the key decision makers when it comes to household purchases.

JustPremium will benefit publishers in the Gourmet Ads network by giving them more ad inventory to sell, via one of its many bespoke ad formats which is proven to be more effective than ‘standard’ online advertising.

Advertisers benefit by being able to access an ad format that both allows for creativity and has far higher rates of engagement and global reach. At the same time, the Gourmet Ads network is brand safe. With ad fraud an increasing problem, what you buy is what you get. Advertisers can be sure that their ads are running across approved quality sites within the Gourmet Ads network.

The partnership is being executed through Prebid and will allow all of Justpremium’s 15 ad formats including skins, rising floor ads and interscroller ad formats to run for brands such as Home Depot, Weber, Whirlpool and Electrolux.

According to JustPremium CEO & Founder Eric Visser, “In a cluttered space, with lots of advertising messages, viewablity and engagement are at their lowest. Indeed, 50% of standard online ads are not even seen at all. By contrast, the ad formats we will offer advertisers targeting the Gourmet Ads affluent audience, will deliver them the highest CTR’s, Viewability and Engagement in the market and ensuring reach.”

Commenting on the Prebid integration, Gourmet Ads’ Founder and President, Benjamin Christie stated” “What makes the partnership and technical execution unique, is that all high impact impressions are traded using the JustPremium Prebid adaptor which is integrated on the publisher’s website and into the Appnexus Ad Server”.

He added, “Todate, Prebid has generally been used for standard IAB units only, in this execution we’ve used it as a delivery mechanism to transparently show a high impact creative directly on a publisher’s website.”

The partnership has been live since early May and has already started to scale significantly in the US with advertisers Discover Card and StateFarm already buying the majority of the available inventory.

The partnership coincides with the JustPremium Prebid adaptor becoming available via

JustPremium makes three senior hires to support rapid US expansion

New team members bring 60+ years of creative, advertising and technology experience as JustPremium sees record growth in 2017.

JustPremium (, the global marketplace for rich media and high impact advertising, today announced three new senior hires. The appointments come as JustPremium experiences its most successful year in terms of growth and client acquisition.

Former art director of global tech/creative platform Shutterstock, Eric Sams joins as creative director, alongside ad industry veteran, Tony Franklin, from Viamedia who takes up the post of North America vice president of Sales. Finally, Paul Dolan who has built and led several successful ad technology businesses, is the latest addition to the JustPremium board.

Eric Sams has more than 18 years of creative experience working for global brands and as art director of Shutterstock, where he led the design and copy development for all marketing communications. Prior to Shutterstock Eric worked on marketing initiatives for Esprit, Estée Lauder, Vibe and Essence.

Eric’s role will be two-fold: JustPremium offers clients an in-house creative service, and Eric Sams will be overseeing this process, ensuring the work served onto the JustPremium network get the maximum engagement and viewability. Eric is also briefed to oversee the development of the JustPremium brand.

Commenting on his new role, Eric Sams, said: “2017 will be a landmark year for JustPremium. In addition to growing the in-house creative studio and providing stellar work to our global client base, I’m looking forward to enhancing our own branded communications and visual identity.”

Tony Franklin joins as the company expands its North American operations, which includes a move to a new, New York City regional headquarters. With 20 years’ experience leading sales teams and driving innovation across ad-based businesses, such as Undertone and Viamedia, Tony will take JustPremium’s North America business to the next level.

According to Tony Franklin: “advertisers increasingly want a solution that gives them better results and scope for more creativity. Rich media and high impact advertising does exactly that. Using the insight and knowledge I’ve gained in the industry, I’m excited to start talking to both advertisers and publishers about the potential and benefits.”

Paul Dolan’s track record includes launching and leading the world’s first programmatic performance company, Light Reaction, and growing it to a $150 million business in 25 global markets. Previously, he was a founding executive at WPP’s Xaxis where he helped build the world’s largest programmatic media and technology company. This means Dolan has a unique insight into how a business like JustPremium can scale up quickly to meet demand.

“Being a high growth business like JustPremium is a huge opportunity”, said Paul Dolan. “However it is also a challenge in that growth has to be managed in the right way. I’ve started and built businesses so I know that there is a right and a wrong way to go about it, so I’m looking forward to helping JustPremium at this critical point in the company’s development.”

The JustPremium marketplace now covers 2,500 selected publishers in the US, Europe, LATAM and the MENA region. Over 800 have been added in the past year alone. JustPremium has also seen an 75% increase in advertisers using its marketplace.

According to chief executive and founder Eric Visser: “we’ve had a fantastic year so far and these three appointments are important in different ways.

“We’re keen to showcase how advertisers can be more creative at the same time as being more effective, which is where Eric Sams’ creative vision and flair comes in. At the same time, we see a huge growth opportunity in North America and Tony Franklin has the industry knowledge and know-how for us to capitalize on that.

“Finally, Paul Dolan has direct experience of successfully building a business like ours, and his wisdom and guidance will be invaluable during the coming months.”

The Header Video: transforming outstream video to high impact video advertising

JustPremium, the world’s first programmatic Rich Media Ad Exchange, is launching their high impact video advertising format at DMEXCO. The sophisticated Header Video puts users in full control of their viewing experience. On user initiation the video either doubles in size or relocates to the available white space of the web page. Therefore truly adapting to the customers journey, while advertisers only need a simple and commonly used video format to plug into a wide range of premium publisher in 25 countries.

As a result of the smart use of technology the Header Video ensures brand advertisers best-of-class viewability to boost their brand awareness. First learnings with over 1 million sold impressions globally are showing an average viewability rate of 86% after 2 seconds.

Commenting on the launch, Eric Visser, CEO, of JustPremium, said: “We have created a new category of ad formats: high impact outstream video advertising. The Header Video is a cutting-edge technological development and the most innovative video ad available programmatically. This format is a great opportunity for advertisers to deliver an amazing brand experience to their potential customers. Furthermore this video ad format enables publishers who don’t yet have original video content on their site to capitalize on the fastest-growing category of ad spend, online video advertising.”

Leveraging JustPremium’s Rich Media Ad Exchange, over 500 websites of premium publishers are already connected to support the launch of the Header Video. Therefore, as of today, advertisers are able to programmatically buy this high impact video ad format at scale while targeting their relevant audiences.