Introducing Rich Video

Rich Video supercharges an advertiser’s existing video assets – no special content creation required – and encompasses six high-impact video formats.
Powerful. Simple. Effective.

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1 Simple build provides 6 unique creative formats

Working at JustPremium

Working for JustPremium brings opportunities for career development in the booming online advertising landscape. We are growing fast and and offer a dynamic work environment with great colleagues! JustPremium is headquartered near Schiphol and has offices in London, New York, Düsseldorf, Madrid, Dubai and Mexico.


How long does it take to build?

Rich Video is easy and very quick to build. We can provide you with 6 different ad units within 6 minutes.

How do I set it up in my DSP?

Buying Rich Video is as easy as buying standard display ad units.

What’s the best video length?

We advise 6 second videos. Ad length can vary by generation. 6 second videos can help maximize impact among Millennials.